June 14-17, 2021


Jean Monnet Summer School "EU: Migration and Citizenship" (June 14-17, 2021)

In the period of June 14-17, 2021, at the premises of the ASEM campus, room 203F, the Jean Monnet summer school "EU: Migration and Citizenship" was organized.

During the 4 days, the 26 beneficiaries showed interest, curiosity and enthusiasm for the topics proposed for analysis and discussion, among the most important being mentioned:

  • European Union. Common policies: achievements, challenges and solutions;
  • EU economy: current events and perspectives;
  • Multidimensional, multiaspective and interdisciplinary approach to international and European migration.
  • Migration and development: the social, economic and human impact of migration on development.
  • Types and directions of contemporary migration. The poles of contemporary migration
  • Migration and development: remittances in the Republic of Moldova: structure, origins, destination, etc.

In addition to the members of the EUMIGRA project implementation team, on the last day of the summer school, 2 special guests (i.e. Dorin LOZOVANU, PhD, IEG and Stela MOROZAN, ASEM PhD student) shared their experience and research results in such areas as the role of the diaspora in national economy and the promotion of national identity, intellectual exodus and return migration.

The summer school program can be consulted HERE

 We were glad to have as beneficiaries of this school youth interested in European values, migration and processes related to these notions, especially high school students and students from different faculties and backgrounds. This proves that the topics addressed in the Summer School are of real interest and topicality.

We would like to mention once again that the summer school is an activity carried out within the Jean Monnet Chair in EU studies and Migration / EUMIGRA project, implemented with the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

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