01.07.2022 – 07.07.2022

Study Visit to Moldovan Diaspora Associations from Rome (Italy) and Paris (France)

In the period of 01.07.2022 – 07.07.2022, the coordinator of the "Jean Monnet Chair in EU Studies and Migration / EUMIGRA" project, Dr. Mihai HACHI, performed a study visit to the Moldavian diaspora associations in the cities of Rome and Paris.

The purpose of this visit was to intensify the collaboration between the academic environment and diaspora associations, the launch of a qualitative study on the activity of diaspora associations, as well as a sociological survey "Migration-development-return", carried out with co -Moldovan nationals through the method of face-to-face questioning, but also of its launch in the online environment on social networks.

The programme of the study visit can be viewed here.

Thus, during the 7 days of the visit, Dr. Hachi managed to contact and conduct several interviews with the presidents of the diaspora associations in the two European capitals and to test the questionnaire with over 30 migrants. So far, the number of respondents who completed the questionnaire in the online environment is more than 135 people. The survey will be open during the months of August-September 2022. During the meetings held with the leaders of the diaspora associations, were discussed the following topics:  the activity of the associations, their problems, the support they need from the state authorities, the actions/activities they have carried out in the last 5 years, to the Diaspora-ASEM institutional collaboration opportunities, to the prospective organization of joint scientific events, as well as the launch of joint projects.

 The objectives of the study visit were successfully achieved, contributing to the development of a study and the publication of a scientific article.